Extreme Arts

Founded in Sheffield bringing artists from around the world for the first time in the UK.

Wander through the wonder of unique art installations from around the world. Live arts around the site, main arts in the tent so the rain can't stop us. Have a drink, have a dance...

An onslaught of experiences for the eyes, ears and mind!

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The event is being held in Millenium Park, Heeley, Sheffield.

Thanks to Heeley Development Trust for the venue.

from yvette...

This event is a first for the UK, featuring global artists who have performed at some of the world's largest festivals.

All brought together in Sheffield by Extreme Arts UK.

Young and old will be transfixed by truly amazing perfomances and installations.

Daily changes in musical genre ensures there's something for everyone, culminating with a day for the whole family on Sunday.


from jon pullin our director...

Had a strange day, went to lake, lake had fire in it... ug...

Saw man with skyspark in hand, he see other man with skyspark and throw skyspark.

Saw toilet and bin ganging up on pack of dogs.... ug...

Saw strange creature playing beats with other creatures dancing to it.

Had strange day.

Relax now.


extreme arts uk is...

On site productions gods: Marcia, Sara, Ian, Ron, John, Rachel, Maja, Kati, G-Force, Jon Pullin

Performance coordinators: Yvette Stones, Roger Hartley, Frank Barnes, Bastian Maris, Miles & Zai Van Dorssen, Kemlo Bird, David Williams, Carlos van Camp, The Mighty Lard!

On site mercenaries: Gus, Jim, Greg, Jonlee, Kerlee, Roy mann, Kemlo, Jake, Tom, Dave, Connor, Stuart, Mikey Dread, Nina Williams, Mairhi, Stuart, Jimbo Jim and Smooth Stu, Tim and Paul, Jon, Vet, Lard!